AUKEY RGB Smart 6 Color LED Lighting AUKEY

Warranty period: 24 months

37.52 USD 32.13 USD

OK RGB Flashlight

Practical, safe, and eye-friendly design. It is also a premium Aukey product that is well known for producing such electrical products.

It can be placed on the table and desk as well as beside the bed.

It can be carried outside during trips and used for camping lighting.

🌟 Adaptable lighting modes:

Fill the room with a variety of colors including red, pink, violet, blue, green, yellow and orange.

Or choose the simple and elegant white or yellow lighting modes, which can be fully adjusted from soft glow to bright light. Choose from four main lighting modes: cool white, soft yellow, manual RGB color cycle, and automatic RGB color cycle.

Choose the right lighting to entertain guests, have a romantic dinner, relax, read, study or work.

🌟 Features:

🎈 Suitable for all rooms of the house with various lighting colors and can be fully controlled by mobile.

🔹 RGB LED lighting that adds vitality and creativity to the place. 🎈Color can be manually selected in RGB mode or in white and yellow light modes by tapping on the touch control point.

🔹 Reliable design, durable and drop-resistant design.

It is also water-resistant and dust-resistant.

It can be hung on a tree or tent with the included carabiner or carabiner.

🎈It can also be magnetically attached to the wall with a circular metal plate.

The most beautiful thing is that it floats on water.

🎈 Lasts for 5 hours of continuous lighting.

It features a 3350 mAh high battery.

🎈 Can be charged easily with the included Micro-USB cable.

🔹 Rechargeable several times.

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  • 37.52 USD 32.13 USD

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