Baseus car air purifier and humidifier refresher Baseus

Warranty period: 24 months

51.03 USD

Brand: Baseus

Black color

Golden Pin Design Award Winners

Filter Screen + Negative Ion Dual Purification

Two-level purification mode

Intelligent Air Detection

Filter Screen + Negative Ion Double Purification: The combined action of the filter screen and negative ion not only purifies the air in the car, but also emits negative ions that are beneficial to the human body.

Two-level purification mode: built-in automatic and manual purification modes.

Intelligent air detection: When the automatic mode is turned on, it will automatically detect the air quality, the green light indicates good air quality, and the red light indicates the poor quality.

Fully automatic intelligent level switching: When the automatic mode is turned on, the purification level will be set automatically according to the air quality.

Humidification function: Designed with a humidifier function, which can humidify the dry air in the car at any time.

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  • 51.03 USD

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