Belkin mounting base in the air conditioner hole with 10W wireless charger belkin

Warranty period: 24 months

48.33 USD

Belkin mount base on the air conditioner, wireless charging

Wireless Charging and Mobile Holder Mounted to the air conditioner vent, the automatic sensor locks the charger arms around your phone, and allows your phone to be viewed in portrait or landscape mode without interrupting charging. This charger also includes two USB-A ports and an LED indicator light.

10W wireless power

Charging without removing the infidelity.

Our Wireless Car Charger Mount is designed to work with lightweight plastic cases up to 3mm

Qi-compatible with this charger. Our wireless car charger is designed to deliver up to 10W of charge to Samsung, Apple, Google and other Qi-enabled phones and devices.

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  • 48.33 USD

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