Car Package - Magnet + Approved Wire + Car Plug Menwa

Warranty period: 24 months

42.39 USD 26.73 USD

1- Baseus High quality Strong magnetic mount Designed by Baseus Simple and compact design that won't distract you while driving Strong magnets keep your smartphone in place when you're on the road 360 degree rotation allows you to set the most comfortable viewing angle Perfect solution To follow GPS instructions while keeping both hands on the steering wheel Baseus Bullet magnetic mount will not interfere with your smartphone signal Include transparent sticker Place the magnetic patch in a suitable place to avoid affecting wireless charging Baseus Bullet magnetic made of premium aluminum alloy.

2- RAV Power Lightning Wire is made of plastic that prevents knots or tangles. It also provides you with high speed charging and data transfer, and it is Apple MFI certified.

3- RAVPower car charger with two iSmart ports and a power of 17 watts from RAVPower. Implementers of USB-A type of technology works iSmart 2.0 , which works to supply your energy needs.

  • 42.39 USD 26.73 USD

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