D-Link Home Network Booster D-Link

Warranty period: 24 months

26.73 USD

Wi-Fi extender inside the building) from D-Link AV + Wireless with speeds up to 500 mbs.

This device works to transmit the Internet inside the building, using the building’s power line, the product consists of two pieces, piece A is installed in the wall socket near the Internet modem and is connected to the modem via a network cable, piece B is installed in the wall socket in any part of the The building you want to connect to the Internet, so that it works on receiving the Internet through the power cable and transmits a Wi-Fi signal at a speed of up to 500 mbs, easy to use and supports the automatic identification feature. It has a feature to encrypt the connection with a Wi-Fi feature Works with all telecom companies (Mobily-Zain -STC).

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