Duchess Duchess iPad Case (Air 3) 10.5 inch DUX DUCIS

24.04 USD

Duchess Duchess iPad Case (Air 3) 10.5 inch

Cover for iPad Duchess Duchess (Air 3) 10.5 inch, is one of the best cases that you can use to protect your mobile phone in an excellent way from exposure to any shocks.

Features of Duchess Duchess iPad Case (Air 3) 10.5 inch

  • The Dukes Duchess iPad case is distinguished by its ability to protect the device well
  • It has been designed in a way that preserves the phone from shocks that it can be exposed to at any time
  • It also works to protect the device's cameras strongly

Product Features:-

  • The cover is designed in a distinctive way that helps protect the device
  • Made of high quality materials and layers
  • Installation of the device is easy and simple
  • Designed with sensors that can turn the screen on and off automatically
  • You can tread the disbelief to back the device
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Cover is available for all iPads
  • It comes in three colors, black, gray and pink
  • The cover is designed with a protrusion in the places of the front and rear cameras to protect it from shocks
  • It has a cavity on the inside to protect the device perfectly.

  • 24.04 USD
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