Duchess Duchess Mini iPad Case (4/5) DUX DUCIS

24.04 USD

Duchess Duchess Mini iPad Case (4/5)

The Duchess Duchess Mini (4/5) iPad cover is considered one of the best types of cases that works to protect the iPad in an excellent way, through its design that is designed in a way that protects the device and also in an elegant and attractive way.

Features of iPad Duchess Duchess Mini Case (4/5)

  • Infidelity has many advantages that make it the best product to protect your device
  • The design of the cover has a cavity inside, in order to protect the device in case of collision
  • It keeps the cameras well, through the design of the protrusions in the front and back areas of the cameras
  • It is easy to carry and use, and many other features.

Product Features:-

  • The infidelity came with an elegant design, and colors to suit all tastes
  • Available in black, blue and pink
  • Easy to carry and use
  • There are many features that make it easy to use
  • Where the device can be folded, and made into different positions
  • You can easily install the device in the cover
  • It features sensors that help turn the screen on and off automatically
  • There are two sides in the device for easy carrying and storage of the Al-Aseel pen
  • The first side is outside the case and supports wireless charging
  • The other side is from the inside
  • You can stop the pen from both sides so that it is easy to reach
  • Infidelity is used on all iPads

  • 24.04 USD
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