DUDU mirror with multi-colored LED light and air humidifier HYPNOTEK

Warranty period: 24 months

75.33 USD

Dudu smart mirror with oval design. For a more intelligent life, you can control the lighting and its degree, and it also contains a humidifier for the air at the same time. One of the featured products from Hypnotek. Available in Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries:

  • Oval mirror with oval LED light and humidifier.
  • Touch buttons on the mirror to control the lighting: a button to control the light on / off and the degree of brightness (press and hold to adjust the brightness) - a button to control the color of the light (3 colors)
  • To turn on the humidifier: Fill the water tank and hold the start button, mist will start to come out of the hole, press and hold the button to turn off the humidifier.
  • The humidifier will turn off automatically if it is not used for more than an hour to save energy.
  • If using for the first time, wait a few minutes for the water mist to come out.
  • The light works for 2 hours continuously before needing to be recharged.
  • Small magnifying mirror included with the large mirror.
  • Included with the box is a cloth to clean the mirror when needed.
  • USB cable to charge the battery via the charging port on the back of the base.
  • Battery Lithium 1800 mAh
  • Light degree 3500K
  • Voltage 5V, 2A - Micro USB input
  • Dimensions 190mm * 97mm * 310mm

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  • 75.33 USD

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