Hypnotic circular light in multiple colors HYPNOTEK

Warranty period: 24 months

67.23 USD

Smart table lamp with multiple colors and modes. If you are looking for a distinctive office lighting with a modern design in a circular shape. The Hypnotek Aura Mood Lamp is the best. Available in all Arab Gulf countries and with delivery service.


Desk lighting with a modern design in the shape of a circle resting on an aluminum base.

Full control via remote control: turn off and on, change the color, type of lighting, dimming and raising the degree of illumination.

4 lighting levels, 7 lighting colors, storage of up to 16 selectable lights, 6 lighting modes.

Light intensity: 300 lumen

8 watt LED lighting

Lighting life: 35000 hours

Voltage: 100-240V, 50-60Hz

Dimensions: 353mm * 320mm * 120mm

the color is white

Material: aluminum + silicone + plastic

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  • 67.23 USD

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