ipad case duchess duchess mini 6 DUX DUCIS

26.73 USD

ipad case duchess duchess mini 6

Cover for the new iPad Duchess Duchess Mini 6, it is one of the best types of cases that protect the iPad in an excellent way, through its design, which was designed in a way that protects the device and also in an elegant and attractive way

Features of the Duchess Duchess iPad Mini 6 . Case

  • Infidelity has many advantages that make it the best product to protect your device
  • The design of the cover has a cavity from the inside, in order to keep the device in case of collision
  • It keeps the cameras well, by designing the protrusions in the front and back areas of the cameras
  • It is easy to carry and use, and many other features.

Product Features:-

  • The infidelity came with an elegant design, and colors to suit all tastes
  • Available in black, blue and pink
  • Easy to carry and use
  • There are many features that make it easy to use
  • Where the device can be folded, and made into different positions
  • You can easily install the device in the cover
  • It features sensors that help turn the screen on and off automatically
  • There are two sides in the device for easy carrying and storage of the Al-Aseel pen
  • The first side is outside the case and supports wireless charging
  • The other side is from the inside
  • You can stop the pen from both sides so that it is easy to reach
  • Infidelity is used on all iPads

  • 26.73 USD

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