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Warranty period: 24 months

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iStep ميزان Scale

HealthU Fat Scale is equipped with the latest BIA technology to accurately measure body mass. It analyzes 14 different indicators in the body, helping you to assess and track your exercise performance and healthy lifestyle.

You can follow the condition of your body daily through the application of the scale that stores all the data, supports 15 languages

High measuring accuracy

This smart scale uses the latest BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) technology to provide the most accurate results. With the help of special sensors on the platform, the device sends electrical impulses that are very weak and safe for humans throughout the body, and then calculates the percentage of different tissues in the body. Thus, you get a complete assessment of your physical condition within seconds.

A complete analysis of your body

HealthU is a really useful tool that will help you assess the condition of your body in more detail. This scale can read and analyze 14 different indicators:

the weight

Amount of muscle mass

bone ratio

Water content in the body

Subcutaneous fat percentage

lean body mass

obesity rate

The percentage of internal fat in the body

protein level

body mass index (BMI)

Basal metabolic rate (BMR)

body fat

Standard Weight

body type

Learn more about the health of your body

Track and compare readings to get an overall health outlook. Note: Accurately measures weight from: 11lbs - 397lbs || 11lbs 0st – 5lbs 28st || 5kg - 180kg.

Note that only your weight is displayed on the scale, but to view all other measurements you will find it when you open the HealthU app.

Simply and easily

Using this smart scale is not difficult at all, for accurate measurements place the iStep on a hard, flat surface, it turns on automatically as soon as you step on the platform, and stops some time after turning it off. It should be borne in mind that if you want to get detailed statistics, then you need to stand on the scale barefoot, and if you just want to know the weight - in shoes.


Track all your indicators and all the changes that happen to your body with the simple and convenient HealthU app (Android and iOS). It allows you to store all the data on your phone or cloud storage, create additional profiles for family members, and much more. Install the program on your smartphone or tablet and all the information will be at your fingertips. The application supports iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.3 and above.

for all the family

Track the health parameters of multiple users on up to 99 accounts.


High precision BIA technology

Identify 14 indicators of body condition

Application for smartphones or tablets (Android and iOS)

Wireless connection via Bluetooth 4.0

Auto on/off

Sturdy glass platform and clear digital display

Runs on two AAA batteries

fully compatible

iStep supports multiple device pairings, which means no need to connect and disconnect when changing users. For ultimate convenience, you can sync HealthU with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Apple Watch to store all your data and easily view and refer back to it.

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  • 40.23 USD 37.52 USD

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