MOMAX Smart Vacuum Cleaner MOMAX

Warranty period: 24 months

229.23 USD

Get super powerful cleaning in a simple and smooth way from a turbo vacuum cleaner with integrated features for convenience and safe cleaning


- Sweep, wipe and sterilize with UV rays: it kills up to 99% of bacteria.

It has an infrared sensor and an intelligent gyroscope.

Anti-fall and anti-collision, it can avoid obstacles and climb objects up to 20mm.

Equipped with a 100ml water tank that can be washed.

It comes with a hard glass surface that is scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

It is self-operating and can receive voice commands through Amazon Alexa and Google. And control through the mobile.

Capacity: 14.4V

Power: 30W (vacuum robot)

Power / Rated Output: 11.4 W (charging base)

Water tank volume: 100ml

Suction strength: 800Pa / 1300Pa / 1800Pa

Noise level: 40-68 dB

Working time: 110 minutes

Climbing angle: 15 degrees

Obstacle Crossing: 20mm

Effective area: 120m2

UV-C radiation: 3500-4000Um/cm2

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  • 229.23 USD

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