Small car air freshener from Baseos Baseus

10.53 USD

  • portable size
  • Small vent attachment that does not block the air outlet completely.
  • Freshener does not cover unpleasant odors. It completely eliminates them!
  • Thanks to the fixed position of the air vent, the aroma flows from the front seats to the rear.
  • Fresh air circulation is formed inside the entire vehicle.
  • Healthy and safe scent
  • The fragrance components are extracted from natural flowers and fruits.
  • Alcohol Free
  • One is better than three to one piece of Little Fatty scent lasting longer than 3 bottles of the classic fragrance.
  • 4 perfume bottles
  • two years of work
  • One bottle of perfume lasts about 5 months.
  • Made of aluminum

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  • 10.53 USD
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