tp-link tp-link wifi extender and extender RE450 tp-link

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The Wi-Fi signal booster or the wireless internet range extender is a small device that is placed in areas where the internet signal transmitted by the router is weak and the speed is very weak due to the presence of obstacles such as concrete walls or multiple floors of the house or the distance between the router and the receiving device is large For the Wi-Fi signal (WiFi) of the router, the network booster or the Wi-Fi network booster receives the router’s signal and strengthens the signal and rebroadcasts this signal in the area in which it is located. This is in the first case when the network booster receives the weak Wi-Fi signal. As for the second case, when there is no signal received by the network booster, the Internet signal is connected through a wire or cable for the Internet. This method is used in homes that are in the form of layers or floors and you want to connect the Internet signal to each floor from one source, that is, from one router and Wi-Fi extenders have multiple uses, and they are not limited to companies and homes, but their uses reach small neighborhoods, airports, restaurants, cafes and other places that need broad coverage of Internet signals from one source to accommodate all the users you want.

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