wiwu anti-vibration WIWU

Warranty period: 24 months

99.62 USD 80.73 USD

The gimbal or anti-shake is one of the most important equipment needed for video and flute production enthusiasts and professionals for outdoor live broadcasting, and sports photography.


Facial recognition technology

- Object tracking

- interval

- interval movement

- panoramic photography

- 3 axes to move

- Smart Beauty

- Anti-vibration

Zoom Control

Focus feature

【Anti-vibration technology - 3-axis】

3-axis electronic anti-shake stabilization system helps capture clearer and brighter video and photos.

【Easy to switch horizontal and vertical shooting】

Two-way mobile phone clip design: a. Keep the phone facing you and rotate the gimbal handle 70 degrees.

【Smart Tracking & Object Tracking】

The 3-axis stabilizer supports face tracking function via the app available for both Android and iOS.


- Supports all iPhone and Samsung phones and any mobile size less than 6 inches

- Battery 4000 mAh (10-12 working hours)

Tilt angle: 325 degrees

Turning angle: 180 degrees

  • 99.62 USD 80.73 USD

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