Yesido mini magnet holder Yesido

10.53 USD 7.83 USD

Specifications and advantages:

Yesido Small Fixed Magnet Holder Dark Gray

  1. It is installed on decor, body, car dashboard or even office and home.
  2. Very strong and stable magnet so that the phone does not fall.
  3. The magnet can be installed in many places such as the car, home, kitchen, bedside table, office.
  4. It handles perfectly in the case of uneven roads and in the event of sudden stops.
  5. In the holder there are 6 pieces of neodymium magnet N50 so that it ensures the best performance.
  6. A closed magnetic field does not interfere with the mobile device's signals to ensure that the device's systems are not disrupted.
  7. 100% safe to use and does not tamper with the GPS systems of the car or phone.

  • 10.53 USD 7.83 USD

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